Big Jake Dinner House

Big Jake invites you!

Big Jake Dinner House is located on the centrally located Fonteinplein.

Big Jake Dinner House (1)


Sandwino pulled chicken 6,50
Waldkorn triangle with brie 6,50
Ciabatta Coppa di Parma 6,50

Big Jake Dinner House (5)

Salades & soups

Fresh fruit salad 4,00
Fresh strawberry salad 4,50
Grilled pineapple 2,00

Organic tomato soup 3,50
Seasonal soup 3,50

Mexican chicken salad 6,50
Mexican spud salad 6,50
Pasta salad 6,50

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Jake’s burger 7,50
Texas Ribs 8,50
Cajun Chicken Spies 8,50
Fish & Chips 9,50
Kids Menu Chicken Strips 5,95

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