COVID-19 measures in Theme Park & Resort Slagharen

Themepark & Resort Slagharen will open its gates in the spring for the new season 2021. We are following the guidelines and advices from the Dutch government regarding Covid-19, but nevertheless we will make every effort to give you an unforgettable stay!



Safe on the go together

At Theme Park & Resort Slagharen we have taken several steps to ensure that you and all other guests can enjoy the park in a safe way. For example, we ask you to keep your distance in the queue and at attractions. Unfortunately, not all facilities can be opened. There is additional information in the park with rules that you must follow, such as keeping the 1.5 meters away and complying with hygiene measures.

Basic rules for everyone

In Theme Park & Resort Slagharen you have to abide by the same rules as at home or on the street.

  • Do you have any symptoms that could indicate an infection with the coronavirus? Don't come to Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen, but stay at home.
  • Wash your hands regularly. Do this for at least 20 seconds. Make use of the existing disinfection points.
  • Coughs and sneezes in the inside of the elbow. Snout your nose in a paper handkerchief and throw it away immediately.
  • Don't shake hands
  • Keep 1.5 meters away
  • Anyone aged 13 and over is required to wear a mask in publicly accessible buildings and covered areas

A carefree day out

Frequently asked questions Theme park

Do I need to present a Corona Access Proof when I visit the amusement park or holiday park?

As a "doorstroom location" (a location where visitors are not constantly in the same place), we do not need to request a CTB for the entrance to the amusement park and holiday park.

What is a CTB - Corona Access Proof?

This includes a negative Corona test certificate, Corona vaccination certificate or recovery certificate. All options are provided by Corona or Corona check app and must be presented together with a valid ID for every guest from 13 years old.

Do I have to show a CTB at the restaurants?

At our indoor catering locations, including Big Jake Dinner house, Crazy Horse Saloon and Cartwright's, a CTB must be submitted for guests from the age of 13 from September 25.

Based on the new measures, I wish to cancel or reschedule my reservation. Is this possible?

In the event of a change or cancellation, our current cancellation policy will continue to apply.

How does the park deal with the 1.5 meter measure?

From September 25, the measures consisting of 1.5 meters away and one-way traffic will no longer apply. Of course, the following advice will continue to apply: If you have complaints that may indicate contamination with the Corona, do not come to Attractie- & Vakantiepark Slagharen, but stay home.

How do I book with my Bongo-Voucher?

Send an email to and state the number of people, the Bongo code and your planned visit date.

You will then receive a code to make a reservation for a visit. Register with Guest Service on the day of your visit with your confirmation and Bongo-Voucher. Here you will receive a valid day ticket.

I have a free ticket / ticket with a QR-Code. Where is the booq code to make a reservation?

By scanning the QR code with your QR code scanner or camera on your smartphone, the unique booq code appears on your screen.

Can visitors with disabilities still access attractions through the exit?

Due to the Safe Together Out protocol, the queues have been adjusted and it is not possible to enter via the exit. Visitors with a disability may join the regular queue.

Due to the protocol Autipassen are not valid.

What will change for visitors with a disability?

Due to the Safe Together Out protocol, the queues have been adjusted and it is not possible to enter via the exit. Visitors with a (physical or mental) disability cannot use this at the moment. Not even if you are in possession of an Autipas.

Visitors with a disability may join the regular queue.

Nothing will change for visitors who can get in and out independently. Visitors who require assistance when entering and exiting attractions can only be assisted by their own guide and not by our employees. As a result, some attractions are temporarily inaccessible to visitors who cannot get in and out independently.

I have a ticket with a QR code, how do I make a reservation with it?

You scan the code with your smartphone camera or QR code scanner, and your unique code will appear. This code starts with booq and gives access to the online reservation system. Book your visit

I did not buy my tickets through the Slagharen website. Will those tickets remain valid?

Yes, these are valid. You must also book your day out online in advance with tickets purchased through third parties. Book your visit!

I bought a ticket without a date through your website. Can I go to the park with this?

Yes this is possible, but even then you will have to book online in advance. Book your visit!

Can I also combine my day out to the Slagharen theme park with a visit to the Aqua Mexicana water park?

Yes, that is possible. You can buy a ticket for the waterpark for 8,95 at the Guest Service or the Aqua Mexicana shop. 

Are there measures in the queues of attractions?

Yes, we distribute our visitors as much as possible in attractions. There is a good chance that you will not be able to sit together in the attraction with the entire group. The one and a half meter rule is also applied in the train / gondolas. Follow the guidelines indicated by posters and follow the instructions of the personnel.

Chairs / gondolas are regularly disinfected.

How about booking online for a visit?

We have an online reservation system, where you have the option to book a visit with existing tickets and subscriptions. Book your visit!

On holiday to Slagharen

Frequently asked questions Resort

How does checking in and out at resort Slagharen work?

Before your holiday, you make the payments and register your party online via the accelerated check-in. Wristbands, keys and information is put down so that there is no contact. Keep your distance from employees and other guests in the reception area. There is a maximum number of guests allowed in the reception.

Has the supermarket at resort Slagharen been opened?

Yes, the supermarket is open for our holiday park guests. The same rules apply here as in regular supermarkets.

  • Come alone as much as possible;
  • Use a shopping cart;
  • There is a maximum number of visitors in the supermarket;
  • Pay as much as possible by pin or contactless;
  • Keep your distance. To do this, follow the marking en route on the ground and the signs.

Are your accommodations safe and clean?

All our accommodations have their own terrace, so you can enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. All accommodations are cleaned by Fonville Cleaning companies with ozone water, natural disinfection and a guarantee of good quality cleaning. In the accommodation, extra attention is paid to the cleaning of contact points, such as handles, door handles, light switches, etc. It is temporarily not possible to make the beds, linen and towels are sealed in the accommodation.

For arrivals in the month of June, the campsite can be booked if your camping equipment has its own sanitary facilities. You can also book private sanitary facilities. You will then have access to the private sanitary facilities of our Wigwam Deluxe, within walking distance of the campsite (note: the distance is further than normal to our sanitary buildings). This applies to the month of June. Our sanitary buildings will be accessible again from 1 July.

All accommodations and private sanitary facilities are cleaned by us with care. We pay extra attention to hygiene.

I have booked a stay in Slagharen. What is known about this?

If you have booked a stay with an arrival date after May 28, 2020, your stay will not change for now. We therefore ask you to pay any remaining payment in accordance with the conditions. If the closure takes longer than now announced and it concerns your arrival date, we will of course contact you as soon as possible.

When making travel plans, consider the national regulations of the country where you live. In Slagharen Attraction & Holiday Park we follow the Dutch guidelines of the RIVM.

As a camping guest, can I use the Aqua Mexicana water park?

Yes, that is possible. You can buy a ticket for Aqua Mexicana at the reception of the Sitting Bull Saloon. 

As a holiday park guest and camping guest, can I use the Sunny Beach water playground on the Wigwamwereld?

Yes, Sunny Beach is open and accessible to holiday park and camping guests. We do ask you to take into account 1.5 meters distance under adults.

Who can I spend the night with?

You can spend the night with your family or household in holiday park Slagharen. If you want to go on holiday with people outside your household, you should always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other (including in a holiday home, the amusement park and water park).