Sincerity leads to pure choices for Slagharen in 2020

Although Slagharen, like many companies, is confronted with the consequences of the Corona virus in 2020, it has not forgotten its ambition to do business in a greener way. For example, F&B manager Hjalmar Kaiser, who started in December, introduced various healthy alternatives and proudly adds Puro's sustainable coffee to the Park's selection. Although sustainability is still in its infancy at Slagharen, management certainly sees it as its task to be greener and more sustainable. For this purpose, a Sustainability project group was set up last year, which has led to short and long-term objectives. In addition to first of all creating awareness among employees, effective measures have now also been applied.

Fairtrade coffee Puro

Within the Food & Beverage department, a conscious choice was made for Fairtrade coffee from Puro. Puro's secret recipe consists of a blend of coffee beans, produced by small farmers who are heart and soul involved in coffee cultivation and who harvest their coffee beans with great care. “You can taste that passion and care in every cup of coffee and that made the choice easy,” says the enthusiastic catering man. This coffee bears the Max-Havelaar quality mark and thus guarantees that coffee growers around the equator receive a fair price for the coffee beans. National Account Manager Marcel van Andel of Puro says he is proud that they are the new coffee supplier of the Slagharen Theme Park. “They have opted for a (h) fair sustainable Fairtrade coffee. By serving this climate-neutral coffee to Slagharen and its guests, we are building a sustainable future together, ”concludes van Andel.

Hjalmar Kaiser (34 years old) speaking

With the arrival of Kaiser, a new era starts within the Food & Beverage department of the park. The objectives for the coming years are in the field of sustainability and the provision of a more varied range of fresh products, including sugars. The Slush Factory, for example, offers a complete range of sugar-free frozen drinks. Kaiser had identified a number of pillars for the 2020 season, but unfortunately the effect of Covid-19 caught up with him this spring. Of course he had foreseen the start of 2020 differently, because the measures to be taken have of course also led to adjustments within the food & beverage department. However, new opportunities have also been seized, for example, extra take-away dishes have been created and the breakfast buffet has been converted into delivery at the holiday home, but Kaiser has not diverted all this from the main plan. In addition to selecting a sustainable and healthier offer, a great deal of energy has been invested in simplifying the processes for employees as well as guests. "By structurally simplifying the processes, from order to operation, we have more time for the most important aspect within Slagharen; hospitality! “Every guest deserves attention and a smile,” Kaiser emphasizes. Clarifying communication in the park is also one of the pillars. Equipped with some own graphic insight, the existing Slagharen design elements and the support of an external specialist have resulted in a fresh perspective and a new themed, yet clear presentation per catering location. Sincere attention to employees is high on the personal calendar. Kaiser wants to be there for them and "really" listen to their story of the day. "In this way I try to help him or her to do a step better the next day or to have more fun". Kaiser is confident about Slagharen's future and hopes to be able to toast with the team to a happy ending to a season that had a special start.

Brief review of the first weekends

Since Friday 29 May last, guests are welcomed again, initially with a limited capacity. Every holiday park & day guest is asked to book online in advance. Looking back on the first weekends, Dave Storm - Managing Director, is very satisfied. “The introduced 'Safe Together Out' protocol has been positively received and our guests, suppliers and employees deserve a big compliment. This gives us confidence in the summer months! ”